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The most secure and functional platform for Big Data medical data. A personal medical assistant for the whole family who will make the health care process as comfortable, confident and understandable as possible. A personal health care assistant for the whole family. Smart technological approach to controlling your health.

Big Data

Our system will not only collect data, but also use it competently: 
Collect all this data and bring it into a single format. Before, a lot of data was lost, it was not collected in one place. And the doctor only got a scarce anamnesis. Now it will be absolutely all information about human health, which can be collectedIt is grouped in a special way so that the doctor could use it in a convenient format (the doctor is also a human being, he also makes mistakes if he is overloaded and analyzes a lot of useless information. And we collect information, prioritize it and show only what the doctor needs to know, what goes beyond the reference values and what is unique to the patient) It is possible to build relationships between the available data and find correlations between different indicators (ie, we can understand how insufficient sleep affects the pressure, etc.).